Wheel Rebuild Services

BDE-Systems Wheel Repair & Refinishing


We offer complete wheel repairs and refinishing services at a reasonable price. Typical cost to refinish/powdercoat a set is usually between $500-$900 a set - Wheel sizes, condition, 1piece VS MultiPiece can affect quote. Contact use via email or call for a direct quote over the phone.

We service all wheels both foreign and domestic.


Your wheel will be repaired back to its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications or back to the aftermarket condition of your wheels. The procedures we utilize are mainly performed in a manual vs. an automated job setting, meaning each wheel has specialized and detailed attention provided to it, all at a non-specialty price guaranteed.


Note: A refinished wheel will return the wheel to a “Like-New” condition. It is important to note that the refinished wheel was originally used, so there may be very minor imperfections upon close inspection. Our finished product is excellent and very close to the condition & appearance of a brand new wheel.
Here is the itemized list of services done or available to each wheel sent to us:
Wheel Inspection (Included with all services):
All wheels are fully inspected prior to refinishing. If our inspection determines the wheel cannot be repaired back to OEM or acceptable conditions, we will immediately notify you. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concern. 
Wheel Repairs- Rim Straightening:
Wheel vibrations can damage your tires and cause serious damage to the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. In addition, damaged wheels can cause your rim to not hold proper air pressure. We repair most out of round or bent wheels back to a true, balanced condition.
Wheel Repair - Curb Rash and Bent Lips:
We fix 98% of curb rash situations aback to a near/like new condition and in the case of bent lips we straighten the lips out, smooth out the area to reduce any signs there was damage to the wheel
Chemical Stripping:
We chemically strip all wheels prior to refinishing. This is the only proper way to completely remove old finishes and return the wheel back to raw aluminum. If sandblasting the wheel is preferred we can use that service instead.
Wheel Powdercoating:
We can powdercoat your wheels in most any color desired - Cardinal and DuPont are typical powders we carry but custom powders can be used and ordered at cost. All powdercoating services include clearcoating for longevity and protection of the finish.
Wheel Polishing:
If the wheel requires a polished finish, such as on lips for 3 piece wheels, we polish wheels manually and the finish of our polished aluminum is second to none. We typically rather not clearcoat our polished aluminum as this will reduce the luster of the finish.


19" Racing Dynamics wheels that were disassembled, refinished/powdercoated/polished, reassembled, sealed and back on the road

Full Turn-Key Service provided by BDE-Systems





In process:





 Powdercoating Service - We take care to mask all mating areas and holes properly to maintain correct clearances





















These CCW Race Classic wheels were pretty beat up as they took some hard road racing miles while living on a SCCA Corvette :






AFTER (courtesy of customer once tires mounted):











FIKSE FM5 Wheels - Repair, Restoration and Polish:


















Wheels are carefully packaged in pairs, shipped via our FedEx Business Account using FedEx Home Delivery Service with Adult Signature Required and an insured value of 115% of the estimated new wheel cost: