Corvette C4 1992-1996 Nippondenso Starter Solenoid Rebuild Kit

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We are offering an economic way to save your high quality OEM Nippoindenso Starter that came in your 1992-1996 C4 Corvette.

This is the most efficient way to keep your SUPERIOR OEM Starter in the vehicle, as opposed to the cheaply made starters sold at many local and online retailers. When the OEM starters fail, they usually have worn starter contacts (noted in the photos) so a simple replacement is all that is needed to get you back on the road. If you are unsure if its the contacts/plunger or the motor, then BDE-Systems or your local autoparts store can verify if your starter motor is working.

This Solenoid repair kit that fits 1992-1996 Chevrolet Corvettes that were equipped with the Nippoindenso Starter. All replacement parts are of the finest parts available, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications. Each kit is sealed NEW from the Victory Lap factory and contains a new plunger and contacts (plunger length is that exact length of the OEM plunger).


What's included:

  • QTY 1 New OEM length/depth Plunger
  • QTY 1 New Set of Starter Solenoid Contacts
  • Basic illustrated directions for reference


BDE Systems also offers a Starter Solenoid Rebuild Service for an economic price - see Service Section for details.